Preparing Produce

Fruit & Veg for Campsite Cooking

Every summer at Ruberslaw Wild Woods we grow delicious produce for you to enjoy!

c21937f3-274e-41a9-8d98-0ec70df00e16Stunning colours from 2017!

Work starts at the end of camping season each year, with the veg beds being cleared, mulched and rested for the winter. The glasshouse is cleaned down and we start thinking about which seeds to start in the following spring.

In 2017 the yellow courgettes went down a storm with you, and luckily we had a very prolific plant in the veg beds to match the demand! Favourite tomatoes were the tiny little red cherry toms, the flavour was out of this world, so refreshing on a hot summer’s day – a welcome sneaky treat working in the hot glasshouse too!!

This year’s tomatoes are now well underway and growing fast in the old growing beds in the glasshouse. This was how they looked in April, little babies in the glasshouse’s old clay pots –


Before planting anything in the outdoor beds they need another dig over and fed with compost from the garden. They can then have seeds and seedlings planted out and nurtured to try to have produce ready at the right times during the summer for you – no pressure! The watering is a constant job, we mainly use rainwater which is collected in tanks from the glasshouse roofs. This is one of the original clever systems in the glasshouse, wonderful that this and most of the other designs are still working 100 years later!! The carrot seedlings in the outdoor bed popped up through the soil this weekend in the lovely sunshine we’ve had, Colin certainly has an eye for a straight line!!


We’ve also started beans, peas, mangetout, cucumber, courgettes, chilli, onions, garlic, lettuce and rocket, perfect fresh summer eating!

New for 2018 is the little pick-your-own salad leaves box at the Hub beside the kitchen. Fresh salad leaves were popular last year so we’ve brought on more for this year and made it as easy as possible for you to get them onto your plate!!


Fruit-wise we hope to have a good crop of strawberries this year and the old apple trees always do well. In the fruit section of the glasshouse there are nectarines, figs and blueberries growing – fingers crossed we can make a success of these. Of course there’s also the lovely old vines in the conservatory section, wouldn’t it wonderful to see fruit on it this year, imagine just reaching up for a grape or two!

The donations you kindly make into the Honesty Box get put back into all of this growing to help buy seeds, plants, materials etc – a circle of Camping Life,  thank you!

We’ll blog throughout the summer with updates and successes with crops. Perhaps we might even have some prizewinners to take to Denholm Horticultural Show in September!!







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  1. Gemma says:

    what a lovely energising article, certainly makes me want to plant some seeds and see what grows. Look forward to seeing more articles!

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